So the check engine light appears on your dashboard and panic sets in. Two thoughts come to mind:

1) I better get this looked at right away. It might be something serious.
2) The last thing I need now is an expensive repair


Fact is, a check engine light can be caused by nothing more than a loose gas cap, or it could mean a serious problem costing thousands of dollars - and everything in between. If your car is running normally and the check engine light comes on due to a catalytic converter inefficiency, it likely means that your emissions have simply gone out of tolerance to the factory settings.


At, we aim to educate you on the issues surrounding check engine lights as they relate to not only catalytic converters but the entire emissions systems.


Due to the computerized nature of today's cars, most problems can be diagnosed by reading the  Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC). There are hundreds of DTC's that enable a technician to pinpoint the cause of that troubling check engine light. Only a few relate to emission systems and catalytic converter problems.


So you go to get your car diagnosed and you're told that you need a new catalytic converter because the DTC shows a "catalytic converter inefficiency" code. The technician gives you a quote for the repair and your worst fears are met - it's an expensive repair!


As if that isn't bad enough, here's the real problem. Catalytic converters typically do not fail on their own. Because they are at the end of a complicated emissions system, the problem is usually caused by something upstream and if that something isn't corrected, there is a good chance that a similar problem will arise in the future.


Because of this, we aim to point out and educate about other important parts of the emissions system and the need for proper diagnostics.


Some of those items consist of - but are not limited to -
- Oxygen sensors
- Fuel Trim
- MAF / MAP sensors
- Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)


When these specific parts fall out of tolerance, they will also send a specific DTC code. HOWEVER ( and this is important) - before falling out of tolerance and setting their own DTC, it's very possible that they can damage the catalytic converter to the point that it needs replacing.


It's also important to use products from reputable suppliers. Because of the ongoing initiative to reduce emissions, vehicles have become increasingly sensitive to even the slightest variation from the factory settings. Even if all other parts of the  emissions system are working properly, a product that is not built to the proper specifications will also cause a check engine light to trip. Reputable manufacturers spend a lot of time and money ensuring that their products are made to the correct specifications.


At our goal is to provide you the education needed to not only solve your existing problem but also to prevent future problems.
Most importantly, we only offer products from reputable manufacturers - and at the most competitive prices.


With 20+ years experience in this difficult product category, we welcome any and all questions that you may have. Our mission is to provide quality products - at the lowest prices - and a better understanding to our customers of what they are purchasing and why.