Magnaflow has become a worldwide leader in the manufacture of aftermarket catalytic converters and performance exhaust and has been servicing the professional exhaust installer since 1979. Magnaflow has made a commitment to exceeding the needs of its customers by providing the highest quality products possible.

This commitment has lead to a significant investment in research and design. The MagnaFlow R&D Tech Center is equipped with multiple chassis dynos, an engine dyno, flow bench, exhaust gas analysis equipment, DB test equipment, and an exhaust fabrication facility.

All Magnaflow components are CAD engineered to exact specifications. The design department works closely with manufacturing and the quality department to make sure that specifications are adhered to. Magnaflow catalytic converters are designed, developed, and manufactured to meet the strict and evolutionary emission control standards imposed by governmental agencies worldwide, including the U.S. EPA and California ARB. Magnaflow has produced catalytic converters for virtually every make and model vehicle manufactured or imported into the United States since 1975, when catalytic converters were first introduced, and its line of CARB approved catalytic converters is extensive.

Magnaflow’s manufacturing capabilities are extensive, producing over 1000 various products. Magnaflow manufactures a full range of catalytic converters from sub-assembly bullets, universals and direct-fit units. The MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust division produces universals, direct-fit cat-back exhaust systems and stainless steel tips, as well as the XL line of turbo mufflers.

Magnaflow conducts business on the six major continents and produces and distributes product from three facilities in California and one location in Italy. The California facilities are made up from a 50,000 sq/ft company HQ,

Magnaflow Headquarters


a 30,000 sq/ft R&D tech center,



and a 150,000 sq/ft manufacturing center.




In 2006 Magnaflow opened a new 250,000 sq/ft distribution center in California. The Italian facility is the company’s European Sales & Distribution Center. is proud to be among the retailers that offer Magnaflow products. The Magnaflow brand name is extremely well known in the aftermarket and performance industries. Being a catalytic converter manufacturer in the state of California has logically lead them to be among the first and most knowledgable of manufacturers to produce California certified catalytic converters. Here at you will find Magnaflow products at a competetive price, with accurate and up to date application fitment that is unsurpassed in the retail market.

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