CATCO is a fully integrated catalytic converter manufacturer located in Hobart, Indiana. From R&D to manufacturing, CATCO ensures using the best manufacturing practices and innovative, cutting edge technologies, providing solutions to meet all customers needs for industrial and automotive emission control components. CATCO's experience and focus on customer service has lead them to become a premier global supplier of catalytic converters in the automotive aftermarket, OEM, industrial, marine, and off-highway markets.


The Proimos brothers' story is one of hard work and the American dream. They entered the industry in the mid 70's as an undercar repair shop franchisee. They then moved forward to open and operate their own chain. In 1990 they founded AirTek Inc., where they warehoused catalytic converters for their own shops as well as for sale to other local muffler shops.

Growing frustrated with the quality and availability of catalytic converter product on the market , they began developing universal and direct-fit catalytic converters of their own.

With the launch of their CATCO catalytic converter brand, AirTek Inc. entered the world of manufacturing. CATCO Catalytic Converters have fueled AirTek’s growth as a global source for technologically advanced catalytic converters.

The facility in Hobart, Indiana now encompasses well over 100,000 sq/ft of manufacturing and inventory space, employs well over 100 skilled workers, and offers over 4000 different parts covering the automotive, industrial, marine, and off-highway markets.


On, CATCO offers almost 400 different California legal, CARB approved catalytic converters. Offering a mix of universal and direct fit catalytic converters, CATCO is extraordinarily known to make a high quality aftermarket product, which is built to last as well as keep your check engine light out. CATCO had established their business long before the CARB requirements of California, and has easily expanded into these new, higher loaded specifications. We here at are proud to offer their products, and you should be confident in your purchase of their product.


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