Walker Products

Walker Products, Inc. has served the needs of the worldwide automotive aftermarket since 1946. Walker is one of the largest privately owned manufacturers of fuel system components and engine management devices.

Manufactured products include carburetor and fuel injection repair kits, oxygen sensors (or O2 sensors) for catalytic converters, and many other engine products such as throttle position sensors, air charge temperature sensors, engine coolant temperature sensors, manifold absolute pressure sensors, fuel injectors, and fuel pressure regulators, spark plug wires, and gaskets.

Walker Products Inc. is committed to supplying products, in-house product management, quality assurance and engineering capabilities. Walker services include manufacturing and distribution to both domestic and international locations.


Walker Products is headquartered in California with manufacturing and distribution centers in:

  • » Garden Grove, California
  • » Fruita, Colorado
  • » Grand Junction, Colorado
  • » Pacific, Missouri

Walker stands ready to provide its customers with Innovative Engine Management Solutions now and into the future.


eCatalytic.com proudly offers Walker Products Oxygen Sensors as its exclusive oxygen sensor brand name. Walker's broad coverage and renown quality have been a perfect match for the excellence we here at Californialegalconverters.com have strived to achieve. Whether you are replacing your entire California catalytic converter emission system or just the oxygen sensors themselves, you will find the oxygen sensors of Walker Products to be a premium part.


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